Newsletters of the Muncy Public Library

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

And this morning as I type, big giant snowflakes are falling onto Main Street. Our Friends of the Library volunteer group has hung our stockings along the fireplace and decorated the Christmas tree. Our tree mural has shifted to a wintery wonderland, and Murray the book turkey has donned a festive Santa hat!

We are grateful for you, our patrons!

As we race into the busy holiday season, we would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support throughout this year. We have all had to make adjustments to live in this brave new world of ours. The Muncy Library Team would like you to know how much we appreciate you. It is truly our pleasure to serve our community…(continue reading by clicking on the link above)

Check out our January 2021 Newsletter by clicking the icon to the right or the header above! This 10-page newsletter covers a lot of information, including some great adrenaline genre reads and some of our virtual and in-person program opportunities!

Check out the December issue of the newsletter today! We discuss observances on the front page and on the calendar. We also discuss Fantasy works in the genre in the spotlight feature and on the second page of the newsletter. The next page talks about computer science education week and diversity within the field. The director’s corner and book nook follow. Finally, the sixth page talks about our new Teen Advisory Board, which is set to start in January! There will also be a Dungeons and Dragons club and other programs throughout the month of December! 

In November we see three observances: World Kindness Day, America Recycles Day, and International Games Day! We feature the Mystery Genre for the month of November and we discuss book recommendations in both the article in the Genre in the Spotlight section. We also give a brief introduction to Libby by Overdrive, hear from the Director, and take a look at some new McNaughton Book Titles. Finally, we end with a small section on Operation Gratitude, an initiative that the library would like to support this year!

In October we saw three more observances, Teentober, Train Your Brain Day, and World Savings Day. For Train your brain day, our staff created a short crossword puzzle that patrons could complete for a reward. We also started a new initiative, which were to distribute genre guides to patrons through the Newsletter. October was the month for Horror, so that was one of our feature articles. We recommended some horror novels in both the article entry and the Genre in the Spotlight Sections. We also featured the Friends of the Library in our newsletter as well as a short piece on Mental Health. The book nook also focused on new books again, and the director had more to add in on how the library is doing!

In this newsletter, we highlight another three observances: International Literacy Day, National Voter Registration Day, and Family Health and Fitness Day. We discuss Banned Books and the Freedom to Read as a major feature of the newsletter. Every patron has the freedom to read whatever their heart desires and we as librarians provide the patron with that material without judgement. That is, we do not censor information that could be helpful to someone. We also featured an article on Why you should get a library card! September is National Card Sign-up Month and this year we had Wonder Woman as our honorary chair! Our director also added in her words and we mentioned some more new books!

This newsletter features three observances: Coloring Book Day, Book Lovers Day, and Women’s Equality Day. The library had created a staff picks guide on our favorite books, which can be found under the guides tab. We also conducted a Women’s Equality Day Program, also available underneath the guides tab. The featured articles that were presented in this newsletter included one on Zotero, your personal research assistant, and PA Forward, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association. Zotero is a program that can be used to organize metadata and articles that students, particularly college students, use to write research papers. PA Forward is an initiative that allows our programming to be peer-reviewed. We have been awarded a gold star within the program. Finally, we wrap up by announcing our Grant and some new books that the library receives. The director also adds her words at the end as well.