Aunt Katie Author Visit
September 18, 2020

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Aunt Katie Author Visit

The Book Gracie: A Bilingual Adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is available in three different versions. It is available in Spanish/English, French/English, and German/English. The book is a true to life story of a dog named Gracie that Aunt Katie had the priviledge of having in her life. Her book, being bilingual, can help to teach young children the importance of learning a second language early on. For more wonderful resources on languages and on Gracie, visit Aunt Katie’s Place at

Feel free to use the code MUNCY10 on your order to have 10% be donated to the library by October 3, 2020!


Feel free to watch this short book trailer to take a look at Gracie’s bilingual adventure as she searches the blue ridge mountains. You will also receive free immersive audio so your child hears how the words should sound in the language. This book is meant to help monolingual adults to prepare their children to be bilingual by providing an exciting story in two languages.

If you enjoyed the book Gracie, watch for Elsie to release in 2021! The Muncy Public Library currently has just the French/English version of this work. For help accessing the audiobook and other goodies, just ask the Muncy Public Library staff for help!